Your Winter Workouts with Lili Warrior

Winter is here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re staying warm!

Check out our favorite Lili Warrior outfits thoughtfully designed to keep the cold out:

Teddy Puffer Jacket

A vegan down puffer (because we don’t like the cold but we do love animals & our environment 😊)

We’ve put a lot of thought into Teddy…definitely not your standard puffer! Filled with 100% vegan down in perfect measure (light enough for jogging and packs for travel like a dream), Teddy promises to hug you close all season long.

❄️ Warm & lightweight
🌧️ Perfect for outdoor workouts & everyday wear
❄️ Exercise compatible
🌧️ Colors: Raspberry & Black!

Shiny Diamond Zip-Up Hoodie

A super soft velvet hoodie to keep you comfortably warm at the gym or in the great outdoors.

It’s hard to find the perfect thing to throw on for a winter workout. Because hey, you’re going to sweat, but you’re also going to need some chill protection. So here’s Shiny Diamond to cater to all your needs—even if they’re polar opposites.

❄️ Warm & lightweight
🌧️ Perfect for outdoor workouts
❄️ Exercise compatible
🌧️ Color: Navy blue with rhinestones

Midnight & Twilight Yoga Crop Tops

These sexy fitness tops in two flattering colors are designed to give you comfy coverage in a breathable and beautiful way.

❄️ Long sleeves!
🌧️ Perfect for indoor & outdoor workouts
❄️ Exercise compatible
🌧️ Colors: Black & Maroon

Eco-Friendly Technical T-Shirts

If you’re working out like a warrior this winter ;), you’re going to inevitably pull off some layers as you heat up. These motivational tees are designed to keep your body temp super comfy so that you don’t feel the chill even when you’re stripped down.

❄️ Sweat resistant & quick-drying so that you don’t get cold.
CEO & Founder, Valerie Orsoni wears these T-shirts for mountain climbing!
🌧️ Eco-friendly: fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
❄️ Perfect for indoor and outdoor wear
🌧️ Exercise compatible, great for walking, hiking…you name it!
❄️ Colors/Slogans: Coral/LiliWarrior, Blue/NoExcuse & Black/Unstoppable

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