World Creativity & Innovation Day

It’s World Creativity Day…let your imagination speak!

Did you know? The United Nations designated 21 April as World Creativity & Innovation Day to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.

Here at LiliWarrior, we like to say that on Creativity Day, it’s your time to create!

What would you like to see in terms of new collections, materials, colors, accessories, and more? Tell us absolutely EVERYTHING!

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We’ve got a post waiting for you on both of these social networks where you can comment with all your creative ideas: outfits you’ve liked and want more of, your own designs, photos, wild wishes…the creative possibilities are endless!

As a brand created by women for women, your feedback means so much to us, so that we can keep offering you collections that are absolutely unique and truly meet your needs and desires.

Come on, let’s get creative! We can’t wait to receive all your ideas 🤩😎🥳

💌 Team LiliWarrior
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