Workout Leggings with XXL Pocket — BALI Collection

Have you noticed that our latest workout leggings feature an XXL pocket?! We know, it’s so elegantly hidden that you may have not!

We’ve been putting pockets on our workout leggings for a while now (because we know how necessary they are!), but our new BALI Shapewear Leggings are the first to feature an XXL one that’ll fit more than you can imagine! No phone is too big for this one, and believe it or not, you can even fit a mini water bottle ;).

Click below to view a video of the XXL inner hidden pocket on our BALI leggings!

And hey, it’s not just the pocket that makes these workout leggings a pair to grab…you’re also getting:

  • A 100% sustainable set, made from recycled polyester & spandex!
  • A flat tummy effect thanks to our special fabric weave
  • Two trendy seasonal color options: sand & jade
  • A high waist for more comfort
  • Zero labels! Logos printed in vegan & biodegradable ink
  • The option to pair these workout leggings with our beautiful BALI short-sleeve crop top!

We created BALI to keep a sense of beauty and adventure as we move into the fall. Though the weather is cooling down, this outfit promises to keep you getting out and looking great!

We can’t wait to see you in BALI :). Tag us when you do @liliwarrioroff!

💌 Team LiliWarrior
Sustainable & Socially Impacting Athleisure

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