VALENTINE: All in pink for the month of love!

Here at Lili Warrior, we’re heralding in February with a lot of love and the launch of a brand new shaping fitness set!

Of course, it’s Valentine’s Day that’s made this month all about love, but this season isn’t only about sweethearts; we’re also taking time to focus on self-love, self-care, and hey, love for our planet, too!

So, keeping up with our commitment to sustainability, our brand new VALENTINE is 100% recycled, with 75% recycled polyester and 25% recycled spandex. With an excellent support sports bra and ultra-shaping leggings, this buttery soft workout set is so fun, we’re not just gifting it to loved ones, but also (primarily) to ourselves 😉.

We’re celebrating its launch with an instant 10% OFF on the full set…so go and grab your size while it’s in stock!

And once you get it and love it (because we’re pretty sure you will!) do tell us how you feel by leaving a review on the product page. This helps other shoppers find their favorites but also inspires us to keep creating beautiful things :).

One last thing…have you been following our 1 Day = 1 Sale daily deals? Well, it’s all still happening, now through February 7th, so head on over here and check out today’s unique promo!

💌 Team LiliWarrior
Sustainable & Socially Impacting Athleisure
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