Period Panties: the solution to remaining active while on your period!

3 bonnes raisons de passer aux culottes menstruelles

If you haven’t yet heard of period panties, this one’s for you!

As you know, I like to take care of my body with a 360° approach:

  • healthy & tasty nutrition
  • easy fitness by moving every day, to increase my energy & tone my body
  • body & environmental health, by making ethical and responsible choices

For all these reasons, here at LiliWarrior we’ve decided to take a proactive approach to our period health—a subject which is largely ignored by men, or scares them away ;)—and which is such an important matter in the lives of women.

With LiliWarrior PROTECTOR period panties, aptly named “protector”, I can finally move, jump, play sports, be active, and live without worrying about my period and potentially embarrassing leaks.

With LiliWarrior PROTECTOR, I also protect the planet since I don’t need to use pads, tampons or menstrual cups (and all the plastic that comes along with those!).

2 designs for for 2 levels of absorbency!

PROTECTOR midi period panties
🌸 Organic cotton, elegant design
💮 Absorbs up to 4-8 tsp
🌸 Ideal for your heaviest days
💮 Washable and reusable

PROTECTOR period thong
🌸 Organic cotton, sexy cut
💮 For your lightest days
🌸 Ideal for the first and last days of your period
💮 Washable and reusable

Now you can move while on your period—without fear of any leaks—while simultaneously protecting our planet 🌎!

If you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon with us, tag @liliwarrioroff and let us know how period panties are positively impacting your life, period health, and fitness routines during that time of the month 😊.

💌 Valerie Orsoni,
Lili Warrior CEO & Founder

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