The origin of the name Lili Warrior

A name is the soul of a brand, of its founders, and of its community.

For our brand — which helps women become better versions of themselves one day at a time — we wanted a name that encapsulates a sense of:

• softness
• firmness
• the everyday warrior
• the grit and courage of transformation
• joy

The word “warrior” was an obvious choice. But we wanted to contrast this brave fierceness with a word that softens, and represents gentleness. We also wanted this word to be easy to pronounce in all languages!

Well, in true brand spirit, one of our founders dreamed of it at night: the royal lily, representing both beauty and sovereignty, was the perfect reminder that every woman is truly a queen. We went with “Lili”, the short form of the official plant name :).

The result: Lili Warrior is born!

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