The origin of the Lili Warrior logo

Creating a logo takes a lot of thought, analysis and strategy. But at some point,  you have to sort of surrender the science of the graphics and let your heart speak through the design.

And that’s what happened for us here at Lili Warrior :).

Our logo represents our brand name’s letters, L and W, intertwined. As they weave into one another, they create the shape of a crown, so apropos for the feminine queen energy we channel here in our community.

As far as colors go, orange was our all-around winner. Why? Because it is the color of energy, conjures up those magical hours when the sun rises and sets, and is reminiscent of naturally flushed, peachy skin that needs no filters :).

Orange is also the combination of red (our fierce “Warrior” energy) and yellow (our vibrant, happy “Lili” side). The combination of these two colors evokes joy, sunny days, determination, success, and ambition. In short, to us it feels like the right shade for a woman who becomes a better version of herself, one day at a time. That’s our motto here!

We hope our logo brings you good vibes…you’ll be seeing it all over our designs!

💌 Team Lili Warrior

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