The One Dress You Want This Summer (NOW ON SALE!)

It’s not often that we hail any one piece of clothing as THE one, but the Corsica Maxi Dress has simply won over our hearts this summer.

Why is this the one dress you want, you ask?

We’ve got answers! We’re talking market research-based answers from actual Lili Warrior lovers who have worn the Corsica Maxi Dress, well, just about everywhere.

We’ve learned how well it wears, washes and dries; how well it adapts to play and work; and how practical it packs up when you’ve got last-minute travel plans.

Here’s what we’ve discovered about this one-of-a-kind dress from women at the beach and on the streets!

  1. It slips on in an instant. No buttons, zippers, or hooks to fiddle with. Talk about time-efficient dressing!
  2. It’s everything a beach dress should be. Airy, flattering, easy to slip off, and perfect for looking super pretty when you head out for a dip in the ocean.
  3. It’s everything a summer date dress should be. Airy, flattering, (easy to slip off – ok, we’re kidding!), and perfect for looking super pretty when you head out for a drink with your loved one.
Wait, did we just say it’s a beach dress AND a dinner date dress? Who wears beach clothing after the beach? We do!
  1. Because the Corsica Maxi Dress air-dries like a queen. So if you’re strolling along the shore, feel free to get as wet as you wish. Yes, up to your knees if you so desire. The Corsica Maxi Dress needs nothing but a summer breeze to take you from the ocean to the city, looking like you just got all dressed up.
  2. What about wrinkles, you ask? It. Doesn’t. Wrinkle. Yup, that’s right. The Corsica Maxi Dress will never meet an iron, because, well, it’s super independent and irons itself out. So feel free to crumple it up at the bottom of your Rose Gold Bag (which you’ll need at the beach and on your travels), because when you pull it out at your next destination, it’ll be all fresh and ready for you to wear once again. NOTE: We’re not actually sure you’ll ever want to take this dress off, but if you do, we promise it will uphold everything we’ve written here.
  3. This dress isn’t just fantastic for taking along to exotic places. It takes YOU to an exotic place. Read about the magic of its name and design in this post, where Valerie Orsoni shares all the ways she’s channeled her native island of beauty into the Corsica Maxi Dress.

Now here’s the clincher. This cotton off-the-shoulder beauty, replete with colorful pom-pom tassles, is NOW ON SALE!

PS. We want to see where and how you wear this dress! Post a picture of yourself in the Corsica Maxi Dress and tag us @liliwarrioroff. If you get on our feed, you get a Lili Warrior gift on the house!

♡ Team Lili Warrior

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