The Force of the LiliWarrior woman

We are not necessarily activists recognized for our daily fight for women’s rights, however, thanks to our daily actions, we make our world a better place for our daughters, friends, our colleagues, and all these women that we don’t know.

By taking care of ourselves, we send the message of a healthy selfishness.

By dressing sexy or following a fashion according to OUR desires, we send the message that this choice is ours.

By deciding to be a housewife and therefore working at home or an active woman outside, we show that this choice is, again, ours.

By going on a weekend with friends, away from men, we show that we have our freedom and intend to use it well.

By creating jobs for the forgotten (overlooked) women, as we do at LiliWarrior, we help women achieve their potential.

By offering an ethical salary and healthy working conditions, we help women to feel fulfilled and to be financially independent.

Together, let’s go even further, and help the women around us, from near or far, to fulfill themselves.

It starts at an early age, with little girls who are told that math is for everyone, that “yes my daughter, you can be an artificial intelligence engineer or a space shuttle pilot.”

This continues when we fight to refuse that our achievements are pulverized by men (and sometimes women) of another age in charge and who wish to crush our rights.

Together, let’s keep fighting, every day.

Our quiet strength is simply our strength.


💌 Team LiliWarrior
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