The Best Travel Outfit This Summer!

Travel plans? I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of a tight waist when I’m traveling! There’s nothing worse for bloating, stomachaches, and just not enjoying the trip, than a waistband that’s squeezing your middle.

So for my long trip to Paris via Mexico, I’ve put together the ideal travel outfit: our Zen Namaste Flare Pants which don’t tighten the waist at all, but actually move with your body and comfortably holds your tummy, accommodating the natural bloating that comes with air travel.

I pair the pants with a simple white tank top, and then — for the expected cold ventilation on the airplane — top it with my soft navy blue velvet Shiny Diamond Zip-Up Hoodie. Not just cozy, but also a rhinestone-studded beauty! (this is what our shoppers are saying →)

Now for my bag — and what’s in it 😉

For a fashionable carry-on, nothing beats the Rose Gold Bag with its large bottom compartment which allows me to hide a spare outfit, should my suitcase ever get lost and arrive after me (yes, it’s happened!). My spare outfit? Something light, easy to fold and wrinkle-free…the Corsica Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress! And a small toiletry bag, of course :).

I always travel in sandals because it’s easiest for going through security, but sometimes I get cold during the flight so I slip a pair of warm socks into my Rose Gold Bag and voila.

Ah! I almost forgot, since masks are still mandatory, I’ve also got my Sexy Lacey Mask with lace from Guatemala (out of stock, sorry!).

As you can see, Lili Warrior is with you at all times: at the gym, at home (on my virtual LeBootCamp fitness programs), on the plane, on the train, in the car, and even while you sleep since these super soft Zen Namaste Flare Pants totally qualify for a some comfy shut-eye!

Travel safe and enjoy your holidays!

Valérie Orsoni & Lili Warrior Team

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