Sustainable Vegan Fashion

 At Lili Warrior, we’re passionate about creating unique & sustainable athleisure. We want to treat you to the most original designs without any negative impact on our beautiful planet.

 What does it mean to be sustainable? For starters, it means we’re super eco-conscious when we create our clothing. We’re not just 100% cruelty-free, but we’re also using only recycled materials or those with the lowest carbon footprint.

In our collections, this translates to:

  • recycled polyester (Classic Black, Unicorn, Mandarin, Bora Bora shorts, etc.)
  • fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (T-shirts)
  • organic bamboo (Orange Zen Namaste and H20 Bamboo Thermos Tumbler)
  • organic cotton (LiliWarrior Protector period underwear)
  • recycled stainless steel (H20 Bamboo Thermos Tumbler)
  • forgotten fabric stocks (Nuage Waterproof Multi-Pocket Sports Bag)
  • deadstock vegan leather instead of real leather (Verona Reversible Vegan Leather Totes)

 But that’s just the start of it. Being sustainable also means we’re making huge efforts when it comes to logistics, management, and transport of our products.

Did you know that air transport is 30 times more polluting than transport by train? Although drop shipping by plane is faster, we’re doing our best to ship a maximum of merchandise by train so that we can reduce our pollution levels.

Eco-conscious down to the last detail!

 Our commitment to sustainable fashion includes eco-conscious attention to the smallest of details—which accumulate to make a significant environmental difference:

  • No paper invoices in our shipping boxes.
    Your confirmation email serves as an invoice.
    One less paper that doesn’t end up in the trash!
  • Fewer and fewer labels on our clothing.
    Instead, we’re printing the label contents on the garment itself.
  • All our textile inks are vegan & biodegradable.
  • Our shipping boxes are made from unbleached & uncolored recycled cardboard.
  • The inks used on our boxes are 100% biodegradable.
  • If we do use any plastic in our packaging, we opt for corn plastic which is compostable.
  • For some orders, we offer a reusable organic cotton tote bag printed with vegan & biodegradable inks.
  • We’re currently in the process of developing new outfits made from bamboo and biodegradable spandex!

Got suggestions on more ways we can go green? Reach out to us on Instagram @liliwarrioroff!

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