Sexy Lacey Masks


  • Fed up with wearing disposable masks that pollute the planet?
  • Want to protect yourself by protecting others but “in style”?

LiliWarrior has what you need! Indeed, for several months, we have been trying to make the ideal mask that actively participates in anti-covid19 barrier gestures.

The result? A black LiliWarrior lace mask with elegant patterns posed on a nude background for chicer. A sexy mask that is out of the ordinary to protect us, protect others, while remaining sexy and fashion girl.

  • Design in California
  • Interior pocket to add activated carbon filters (our choice by clicking here )
  • Due to the use of carbon filters, these masks are washable and reusable
  • One size but adaptable to (almost) all face sizes
  • 100% polyester to dry faster and avoid the problem encountered with cotton masks which get wet very quickly which reduces their protective capacity

You can wear this mask every day, going out shopping, going to party in real life, or in Zoom, in short, the woman Lili Warrior is chic every day!

The lace of the mask is made in Guatemala by a small company run by women. The assembly and shipping are done in China by the team of Bella, our dear warrior in charge of stock management and some manufacturing. Why isn’t everything assembled and shipped from Guatemala? Quite simply because the post of this country is anything but serious! Some would say that these round trips are polluting but when you know the weight of a mask (less than 15 gr), the fact that it only takes the place of a very large envelope on already programmed cargo planes, the difference is minimal.

We always try to do our best to offer you products that are in line with our ethics. Sometimes we use recycled materials, sometimes we work with small structures, sometimes we do both and more. And above all, we donate 1% of our income to an animal protection association, the Animal Rescue Foundation.

The whole Lili Warrior team hopes that this new drop, the SEXY LACEY lace mask will please you as much as it did for us!

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