ROMA: Private Launch!

ROMA is coming soon…..but in a private launch format for the lucky ones.

Tadaaa…we’ve been posting teasers for weeks…..telling you about this new collection coming soon and for which we did a great photoshoot in San Diego two months ago with Ariana, Noelia, Zulyia, Sherry and Valerie.

Its finally launching this week!

But BEWARE, it will not be offered to everyone at the same time!

  1. To thank our wonderful ambassadors, the sale will be opened to them first, on March 14th.

Are you an ambassador? Watch your inbox! You will receive a secret code to access the product page 48 hours before everyone else!

  1. Have you already ordered on LiliWarrior or are subscribed to our newsletter?

Watch your inbox, you will receive a private access code 24 hours before the official launch, i.e. March 15

  1. You are not an ambassador or a member of our beautiful community? The official and public launch will take place on March 16!

Want to have access to sales first, up to 48 hours before everyone else? Become an ambassador. In addition to your 20% promo code, you can give 15% to your friends, receive points, cash, and free LiliWarrior products (and test prototypes).

To become an ambassador, contact us at [email protected]

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To register, it’s at the top of the home page, where you see a little gift package (in addition, you receive 10%, just for singing up).

In any case, ROMA is coming out this week and you will like this new set!
Trendy colors, cellulite hiding fabric, and a chic and original top.

In short, it has everything to be part of your active spring wardrobe!

Team LiliWarrior

Sustainable & Socially Impacting Athleisure
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