ROMA Collection: The meaning behind the name

We love naming our designs with inspiration, and every collection has its story! Wondering why we named our newest creation, ROMA?

Our working title for this collection was originally “MARBLE”, but we discovered that very few non-English speaking people could pronounce this word. In addition, our latest collections have been named after geographical locations, like ALASKA for our white motivational sweatshirt and MONTANA for our grey version.

In the past, we’ve also launched other destination-inspired collections, like CORSICA, our very first dress (sold out!) and BORA BORA, our fluorescent running shorts.

The marble design of our new collection made us think of Carrara — a city in central Italy, famous for the white or blue-grey marble quarried there — but it felt a little too over the top, so we thought of Rome, where white marble was popularly used by artists in sculptures and buildings.

Rome became “Roma”, because, well, a little elegant Italian touch, why not! And if our collections make you feel like getting up and going somewhere, then we know we’ve done a good job ;). Explore our beautiful ROMA collection online!

Want to know more about our new collection? Click here to learn about ROMA in detail!

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