Recycled sunglasses: details

Want to know more about our recycled sunglasses? This article is for you!

You have already discovered these sunglasses in our article “100% Recycled Sunglasses” as well as their eye protection aspect in “Recycled Sunglasses: Safety First”. It’s time to discover the details of these superb sunglasses that you seem to love!

The pack of 2 pairs of sunglasses is on super promotion! Add an extra 15% discount with the code GOLD15!

Here’s a carousel that shows you the sunglasses in more detail with their pretty recycled and recyclable cardboard box.
Note: The LiliWarrior logo and small crown are first engraved and then colored white (vegan and biodegradable of course).

Now…you know everything about our new collection and you should be convinced these are the best sunglasses for this summer, and the next, and the next!

Lili Warrior

Socially impacting sustainable athleisure 
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