Period Underwear: Your Reviews!

Our LiliWarrior Protector period underwear hit the shelves last month, and the reviews are in! We’re getting raves for the organic cotton, sexy lace, soft comfort, and leakproof protection. YES!

To be honest, we actually hesitated slightly before launching this brand new product — (hey, it’s not exactly fitness wear) — but we dived forward into the creative process and made sure these beauties got to our shop. Why? Because LiliWarrior is, after all, a brand for us women. Some days we’re in our softer “Lili” mode, other days in our “Warrior” zone, and we’re passionate about tending to both. It’s why we knew we had to create a beautiful alternative to disposable sanitary products: because taking care of you & of our planet is always top priority.

Our organic cotton period underwear come in two sizes & styles: classic panties and sexy thongs. Both offer excellent protection: the period panties are designed for heavier flow days days, and the period thongs for lighter flow days.

We were amazed (yes, we didn’t expect such success!) by your enthusiasm for this product! Check out some of our LiliWarrior shoppers’ happy feedback below. And if you haven’t yet tried LiliWarrior Protector, go and get ’em!

And remember, your opinions truly matter to us: whether they’re super positive (it makes us happy) or less positive (they make us progress). So whenever you purchase a product on, please take a moment to comment on your experience, no holds barred 😊.

LiliWarrior PROTECTOR Reviews

As you can see, whether you’re a teen or an adult; whether your flow is heavier or lighter; whether your style is more sexy or more classic…our period underwear are for you!

We can’t wait to keep launching new accessories & products that make your life easier and more beautiful. Hey, it’s why we’re here 💖.

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💌 Team LiliWarrior

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