Our Velvet Zip Up Hoodie for Workout Warmth & Sparkle!

The days are getting shorter and cooler, but here at Lili Warrior, we’re staying active! If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and have started to feel a little chill on your morning workout, keep reading! Because we’ve got you covered with our Shiny Diamond velvet zip up hoodie.

Hey, you already know it: when it comes to working out, we simply don’t believe in excuses ;). #NoExcuse, yes we even made a T-shirt with this fave mantra of ours!

But as the seasons change, just a t-shirt isn’t always enough. So we’ve been topping all our favorite fitness outfits with Shiny Diamond, our little Lili Warrior crown jewel.

This gorgeous navy blue velvet zip up hoodie seems to encapsulate everything we love about Lili Warrior athleisure. It’s super soft, super comfy, highly breathable, adaptable to both workout and everyday wear, and of course, it sparkles with our rhinestone studded Lili Warrior crown logo. Because we believe that the clothing you put on should effortlessly make you shine.

Featuring a kangaroo pocket (think your phone, keys, a credit card) and a hood for when the wind blows, this sweet beauty is the perfect thing to throw on when you’re heading outdoors. Not just for exercise, mind you! We’re pairing it with jeans, skirts, and just about everything in between.

If you don’t own one yet, we promise this is a purchase you want to make. Plus, did you know we’re giving a FREE eco-friendly cotton tote bag with every Lili Warrior purchase right now? Yup, we like to spoil you with beautiful things.

So go on, sparkle. Even when you’re running.

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