Our Fitness Wear: Fun, Fierce & Functional

Fun, fierce and functional pretty much sums up everything LiliWarrior fitness wear is about. As a brand by women for women, we know exactly what we (and you) want to feel for a workout: good energy (fun), motivated & powerful (fierce), and super comfortable and ready to move (functional)!

And we reached that conclusion, because we know—up close and personally—the 3 elements that hold us back from prioritizing our morning run. Low mood, lack of motivation, and physical discomfort.

How many times have you “committed” to a morning workout but just couldn’t make it happen?

At LiliWarrior, we know that getting out and taking care of our bodies and health isn’t just about how disciplined we are. And no, the fit woman next door who seems to keep up a perfect workout routine every day doesn’t have some X-factor that you’re missing! It’s simply a matter of getting yourself in the spirit and combating those elements that keep you from doing what you know will make you feel good.

So in true warrior style, we made a vow to conquer low mood, lack of motivation and physical discomfort with fitness wear that is fun, beautiful and empowering — all in materials that adapt to your every move.

Classic Black Shapewear Leggings & Maximum Support Bra
Cobra Queen Shapewear Leggings & Maximum Support Bra
Gold Summer Shapewear Leggings & Maximum Support Bra

Fitness outfits like our Classic Black, Cobra Queen and Gold Summer are just a few of our faves that have us saying “yes!” to a morning workout. There’s a whole lot more…come and browse our boutique!

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💌 Team Lili Warrior

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