MOON & ZUZU: A Dream Photoshoot in Mexico (we’ll tell you everything!)

At LiliWarrior, we love to travel for our photoshoots and put our products to the test.

For MOON, the dream location for the photoshoot was Mexico, specifically Baja California.

The shoot spanned over two days: the first day was in a dreamy spot untouched by mass tourism: Valle de Guadalupe. Valle de Guadalupe is a paradise for wine lovers, as it’s a wine-producing region still relatively unknown abroad. The tourist infrastructures are limited, but the views are breathtaking.

Valerie Orsoni, our founder, and Zuliya Khawaja, the muse behind Zuzu, joined their model Mariela and photographer Erick Palacio for two intense days that you can see in this video:

To truly showcase the product, it’s essential to photograph it from every angle.

Of course, we could stick to only studio photos against a white background. But the spirit of LiliWarrior is rooted in exploration, solar energy, pushing oneself, adventure, strength, and more.

We firmly believe that this spirit can only be captured outdoors.

The result? Stunning photographs which you can find on the product pages for MOON and ZUZU, as well as on our Instagram @LiliWarriorOff

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