Mermaid Season: Empower Yourself & Someone You Love!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the sea is the place to be right now. Here at Lili Warrior we’ve brought the ocean’s powerful underworld to your wardrobe with our Mermaid Bra and matching Mermaid leggings!

Warm weather means we’re baring more skin, but we believe it’s not what we bare but what we wear that really empowers our mood, our movement, and the energies we draw towards us during the day.

And what’s more empowering than an iridescent workout outfit that shimmers as you move?

What’s in the set?
High-waisted shapewear leggings, replete with a lace-up belt.
A beautiful cut-out bra in a breathable fabric for all your workout needs.

If you ever wanted to channel the mythical mermaid, this is your season and we’ve made it possible!

Wear it to the sea — and everywhere in between. (We mean that!)

What’s more, we love the idea of gifting this set for a loved one that you know can use a little boost right now.

Many of us are still picking up the pieces from a challenging year behind us. This Mermaid outfit is a great way to say to someone you care about, “hey, I believe in you”! We guarantee that they’ll put it on, and feel it too.

You can order the pieces separately, or together, right here at our online shop! Did we mention FREE delivery worldwide?!

If you are gifting the Mermaid to empower a loved one, send this little message in a bottle 😉 with their new look:

“You shine from the inside out. Put this on and show the world your inner shimmer!”

Sending summer love,
The LiliWarrior Team

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