Meet Teddy! Your Vegan Down Puffer Friend

As winter arrives to the Northern Hemisphere, who doesn’t need the warmth of a cozy hug? We sure do. So, in true Lili Warrior style, we created our very own “Teddy” from all our favorite materials (featuring vegan down!), to give you the perfect hug every day of the season.

Your childhood teddy bear probably accompanied you everywhere, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t particularly practical. And don’t get us wrong: we’re all about nostalgia, but we’re equally excited about creations that meet the needs of a warrior on the go.

So, our version of “Teddy” is an exclusive vegan down puffer jacket — in two colors — with all the trimmings a girl could ever want. We’re talking inside pockets (to carry your phone, camera, keys and more); a removable hood (because, options!); a flattering cut (yes, you’ll look pretty even if you’re working out!); and maximum compression for easy packing (you’re going to want Teddy with you wherever you go!).

Did we say VEGAN DOWN? Yes, we did. Here at Lili Warrior, we love animals (which is why 1% of all our revenues are donated to International Animal Rescue), so choosing vegan down was an obvious one for us when it came to creating a puffer jacket. And when you purchase your own, you can celebrate the fact that you’re not just making an awesome fashion choice, you’re also making a truly ethical one.

Now, let’s get down to business. When it comes to a vegan down puffer, what’s your color?

We can’t wait to see you in Teddy! What’s more, we can’t wait to see you in all our favorite looks, topped with Teddy!

Because yes, this adorable puffer pairs perfectly with all of our athleisure collections. Don’t take our word for it — try it on yourself.

And then, share a snapshot and tag us @liliwarrioroff so we can share in the joy!

💌 Team Lili Warrior

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