Make Way for Our Very First Dress!

Yes, a dress!

If you’ve been following our ever-expanding online shop, you know we’ve got an awesome selection of Lili Warrior leggings for your various workouts. But we know so many of you love a pretty dress, too!

Have no fear, the ongoing legging party hasn’t kept this unique summer dress from gracefully slipping its way into our hearts. Meet the Corsica Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress!

What’s in its name, you ask?

At Lili Warrior, we know that happiness is a place in the mind, so we’ve woven this beauty from one of the happiest places on earth: our founder, Valerie Orsoni’s native Corsica!

In Valerie’s words:
“I hail from Corsica, a little sunny island in the Mediterranean. They rightly call it the “Ile de Beauté” – “Island of Beauty”, and the Corsica dress is my personal invitation for you to join me in my coastal haven. Slip on this dress and you’ll slip into the magic of Corsica’s landscape, people, and indomitable spirit.”

Turquoise waters. Sandy beaches. Maquis shrubland. Red rocks and white chalk cliffs.
We’ve channeled these colors and imagery in the paisley floral fabric, blooming in island hues.

But the island is only as beautiful as its people. Corsicans are bold, bright, and full of spirit. They battle fiercely and live heartily. And they love a long outdoor stroll.

The Corsica dress brings all of this with its unique statement print; alluring and soft pom-pom tassle trim; and figure-flattering fluid cut.

Did we mention it’s quick-drying and wrinkle-free?

Yes, you can literally wear this one from the beach to your dinner date!

Frolic in the waves all day, and then let the breeze dry you off as you saunter into town. Wet = washed, dry = ironed!

Ready for Corsica island vibes? Let’s get dressed!


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