LiliWarrior turns 2! Discover all our collections!

We can’t stop sharing our past two year journey with you!
Article 1 : Lili Warrior is 2 years old! Let’s Celebrate

Wow….many things have happened over the course of the past two years!

From our first collections: HAPPY LIFE, BOOTY QUEEN (out of stock) until our ICONIC upcycled jean jacket launched in Nov 2022!

When we started we did not use sustainable fabrics, not really knowing how to go about it. But the idea was already here….somewhere in the recess of our minds…one day we would produce 100% sustainable products!

And then we learned (sometimes the hard way), we made progress and slowly but surely we replaced our “new” fabrics with organic, recycled, and upcycled fabrics. Granted, sustainable materials are more expensive than “fast fashion new” ones BUT they are so much better for the planet!

Here is the list of all our launches since day 1. You can view all of them on (they listed here in the order of their launch).

  1. Fitness Sets: Happy Life & Booty Queen (out of stock)
  2. Masks : Sexy Lacey (out of stock)
  3. Jacket : Shiny Diamond (out of stock)
  4. Sports bag : Rose Gold (out of stock)
  5. Yoga set : Green Zen Namaste (almost out of stock)
  6. Fitness Set: Wild Warrior (almost out of stock)
  7. Corsica dress (out of stock)
  8. Yoga & Meditation sets: Twilight & Midnight (almost out of stock)
  9. Recycled technical teeshirts : Unstoppable, LiliWarrior, NoExcuse
  10. Organic cotton tote bag
  11. Vegan down jackets: Teddy
  12. Shaping Fitness Sets: Cobra Queen (almost out of stock)
  13. Beauty : Patches (almost out of stock)
  14. Period thongs (almost out of stock)
  15. Period Panties: Protector (out of stock)
  16. Recycled aluminum & organic bamboo thermos tumbler H20
  17. Shaping Fitness Set: Classic Black (almost out of stock)
  18. Vegan leather tote bags: Verona
  19. Mom & daughter fitness set: Unicorm
  20. Fitness Set: Orange Cloud
  21. Mom & daughter fitness set: Travel Lover
  22. Fitness set: Pink Power (almost out of stock)
  23. Fitness set: Mermaid
  24. Shaping Fitness Set: Gold Summer (almost out of stock)
  25. Recycled technical teeshirt: Ukraine 100% of proceeds for Ukrainian women
  26. Multi pocket sports bag: Nuage
  27. Shaping Fitness Set: Blush
  28. Bikers shirts set: Red Kiss (almost out of stock)
  29. Shaping Fitness Set: Mandarin (almost out of stock)
  30. Anti chafing running shorts: Bora Bora (4 left)
  31. Bamboo Meditation & yoga Set: Orange Zen Namaste (almost out of stock)
  32. Bamboo white knotted tank top: CRUX
  33. Summer shorts: NAVY
  34. Bikers Short Fitness SetL FITNESS COUTURE
  35. Black Sun Hat
  36. Lil’ Heart socks (almost out of stock)
  37. Period panties: LACEY
  38. Organic Cotton tote bag
  39. Shaping Fitness Set: Forest Green
  40. Gentile fitness & yoga set: BALI
  41. Blouson en jean ICONIC

Wow! Over 41 launches in 2 years!….not bad for ladies who had no knowledge in the fashion world whatsoever!

Will tell you more about our adventures in another post 🙂

Valérie Orsoni
CEO & Founder
Socially impacting & sustainable athleisure
PS : Follow us on Instagram @liliwarrioroff

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