LiliWarrior Sunglasses! 100% Recycled Frames

Looking for a pair of stylish and sustainable sunglasses? Look no further than our new collection of sunglasses with 100% recycled frames!

At LiliWarrior, we believe that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new line of sunglasses with frames made from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they’re also super trendy.

But don’t let the sustainable materials fool you – these sunglasses are designed to perform. Our cat. 3 lenses provide superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays, while the UV 400 CE rating ensures that your eyes are protected in even the brightest conditions.

The LiliWarrior logo-engraved temple adds a touch of luxury to these eco-friendly sunglasses, while the two styles – chic tortoiseshell or the more sporty black with blue polarized lenses – allow you to choose the perfect pair for your personal vibe.

Whether you’re lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just running errands around town, our sunglasses with 100% recycled frames are the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Go get a pair while they’re hot! And if you can’t choose (because, we know, it’s hard!), take advantage of our exclusive 2-pack at 10% OFF for both pairs!

💌 Team LiliWarrior
Sustainable & Socially Impacting Athleisure
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