Lili Warrior: by women, for women

Here at  Lili Warrior, we do love men 🙂 but we really wanted to involve more women in the design, sourcing, marketing and manufacturing processes to give them an extra chance to express their talents.

In a nutshell, Lili Warrior is a brand designed to channel the feminine spirit, but if you’re a guy and would love to share your creativity and business acumen with us — welcome aboard!

You’ll notice that rather than describing our team members using the words “woman” or “man”, we use “warrior”.

We practice a respectful approach to all human beings, regardless of age, weight, skin color, culture, gender, or religion. Our team is a true melting pot and we love it!

In creation, research and design, we have five warriors in three different countries; in marketing, four warriors in three different countries; and in social media, one fabulous warrior. On the manufacturing side, we have a team of warriors who receive fair wages (no mining with us!) — whose supervisor, beautifully named Bella, is the first warrior in her family to attend Shanghai University; and in our customer service department, two supermom warriors who work from home while taking care of their families.

That’s us!

💌 Team Lili Warrior
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