How do we create our leggings?

For a long time, at Lili Warrior, we’ve collectively been looking for leggings that show off us:

  • No famous camel toe (this very unsuitable fold at the crotch)
  • A sheathed stomach but not too tight to avoid the formation of bulges that appear even on the thinnest of us if the belt is too tight
  • Enhanced buttocks if they are flat naturally but not too much if they are found too prominent
  • A top that supports the bust for all activities without crushing the breasts
  • The passage under the armpits of the tops not too tight to avoid the typical bulge of this place
  • Colors that bring happiness to life and make you want to move
  • Materials that follow our movements and accompany us in all our activities
  • Outfits that can be combined with our everyday clothes to accompany us in our warrior life

Once the perfect leggings are identified, created, and proudly sporting the Lili Warrior logo, it’s time to test it:

  • We check that the texture is pleasant to the touch and makes us feel warlike
  • We check that the logos are aligned and of the correct size
  • We check labels, sizes, and other important details. No aspect is ignored
  • We test life-size: in HIIT class, in jogging, in yoga class, and in everyday life
  • If we encounter a little problem, and it can happen, it’s back to square one, and we correct and re-test until the perfect product, the perfect leggings Lili Warrior was born and is ready to be sent to you!

You are female Lili Warrior

Every day become a better version of yourself!

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