ICONIC Jean Jacket: how we made it & how to care for it ♡

Our ICONIC Jean Jacket was made with lots of love…and it’s going to want loving care, too!

Here’s the scoop on our latest launch which we’ve been wearing — well, simply everywhere.

How we made it

Our jean jacket is upcycled. Unlike recycling, where waste is deconstructed in order to create something new, i.e. plastic bottles into fabric; upcycling involves taking waste and simply creating something new from it in its current state.

As you know, we’ve got lots of recycled collections in our online boutique: our technical T-shirts (LiliWarrior, NoExcuse, Unstoppable, Love Ukraine) are made from recycled plastic bottles; our H20 Bamboo Thermos Tumbler is made from recycled stainless steel; and several of our favorite shapewear outfits are made from recycled polyester, such as Forest Green, Bali, Red Kiss, and Classic Black.

For our eco-friendly jean jacket, we acquired denim fabric which would have otherwise landed at the bottom of a landfill or at the bottom of our beautiful oceans. We sorted them for quality, had them washed, dried and dyed in the denim washes we wanted.

Using forgotten stock like this makes a huge difference in the fashion world! Did you know that more than 60% of clothing purchased is only worn for one season?! This means tons of clothing ends up in landfills and oceans. We’re passionate about reducing that, hence our ICONIC Jean Jacket :).

The buttons on our jean jacket — which we love! — are made of recycled aluminum. These were actually challenging to create! Our first attempt was too shiny, the second try didn’t enable logo engraving…and then a third try finally did it :). Just a little glimpse into why creating a new design can take several months to finalize!

How to care for it

You might be tempted to throw your jacket in the machine with the rest of your laundry, but we suggest protecting it in a mesh bag so that the protruding buttons don’t tangle with the rest of your clothing. It’s a good idea to detach the removable hood before washing as well and put it in a separate protective bag if necessary.

In general, Lili Warrior designs all keep best when washed in a mesh laundry bag as our fabrics are delicate, and the less friction during washing, the longer your favorite pieces will last :).

Even though our denim fabric has already been washed, we still recommend you washing it cold the first time and with similar colors so that there’s no color bleed.

And of course, air dry! The dryer can damage buttons and also ages the fabric much more quickly. Hang on a hanger, and you’ll have it fresh for the next day! (We know you need it daily, we know.)

 ðŸ’Œ Team LiliWarrior
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