How to recycle polyester

How to recycle polyester? It’s a well-mastered process that can relieve the weight of our clothing consumption on the planet.

Polyester is a common synthetic plastic used in the manufacturing of clothing (especially fitness wear), home goods, and other products. While it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled for future use. That’s what we do at!

Recycling polyester begins with sorting materials based on their type. Clothing and other polyester products are collected from consumers, sorted by color and quality, and then crushed into small particles.

The particles are then cleaned to remove any contaminants, such as buttons, zippers, or other metal pieces. The particles are then melted and reformed into polyester fibers used to create new products.

Recycled polyester can be used in a variety of products and industries, including the textile, fashion, furniture, and automotive industries (yes, you heard that right!).

It is important to note that recycling polyester has limitations. The recycling process can affect the quality of the polyester, meaning the quality of the final product may be lower than the original polyester. The purer the original product, the higher the quality of the final product. The more recycling cycles, the less pure the final polyester quality. Additionally, some polyester products may contain fiber blends, making recycling more difficult.

That’s why at, we recycle only top-quality polyester, which gives our fitness wear the edge!

However, recycling polyester remains a viable solution to reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Companies and consumers can contribute by choosing products made from recycled polyester and recycling their own end-of-life polyester products.

Support our fight for a healthier planet by choosing our clothing made from recycled (or upcycled) materials. Now that you know how to recycle polyester, spread the word and encourage more people to visit!

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