Gold Plating: How Is It Done?

If you’re wondering how gold-plated jewelry is made, you’re not alone!

At LiliWarrior, we had the same question when we launched the RESILIENCE project!

We wanted the beauty of gold but at an affordable price, and without any reactive substances like nickel or lead.

The technique we chose is called PVD, which stands for “Physical Vapor Deposition.”

PVD gold refers to a process used to coat materials, often metals, with a thin decorative layer of gold.

During the PVD process, gold is vaporized in a vacuum environment and then deposited onto the target object as a thin film.

The PVD method allows for a durable bond between the gold layer and the underlying material, making the gold plating resistant to wear and tarnish.

So, unless you mistreat your jewelry by swimming in the ocean, taking prolonged showers, or subjecting it to friction that would damage any jewelry, your RESILIENCE should remain… resilient!

That being said, it’s still a delicate piece of jewelry, so take good care of it! 💫🌟

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