Friends That Sweat Together Stay Together

Fitness and friends. There’s something about our Lili Warrior fitness clothing that simply calls for camaraderie. Don’t you think?

Don’t get us wrong, we totally support you going solo in our outfits (and we do, too)!

But there’s an undeniable spirit of girlfriendship at the heart of all of our creations.

We’ve been noticing this theme play out as you work out together, too. So many Lili Warrior fans are twinning in our favorite looks!

What is it about our brand and style that unleashes the friend in you?

We want to know! Snap a shot of you and your bestie in one of our fitness outfits, share some friend inspo, and tag us on Instagram @liliwarrioroff with hashtag #LILIWARRIOR.

If your snapshot makes it into our newsletter — besides for gifting us with your inspiration (which means the world to us!) — you’ll also get a complimentary $20 shopping voucher!

On our side, we have a hunch that the girl power friendship you’re all feeling comes from the intentions we set for Lili Warrior: a brand by women, for women. In fact, we’ve got 80% women employed across our workshops, sales, and product design departments, which means the feminine spirit is simply everywhere you look 😊.

But it’s not just a numbers thing. Our motto at Lili Warrior is “become a better version of yourself” (yes, this one’s on all of our product tags!). And who more than a real girlfriend helps us become a better version of ourselves?

Strong women are the ones you see building each other up — body and soul. A good friend wants you to both look and feel your best, and that means kicking your ass to get out and exercise, as much as giving you a shoulder to lean on when you need a good cry.

So, on second thought, we’re not that befuddled as to the mysterious camaraderie that our clothing seems to draw.

At Lili Warrior, friendship is simply woven into every one of our designs.

And you know it: friends who sweat together, stay together . Alright, let’s go shopping and make some friends!

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