How do we create our fitness tops?

At Lili Warrior, we’ve had enough of fitness tops and bras that don’t look good!

Shells that deform in the wash or get lost in the washing machine (and good luck finding them!), cuts that crush our breasts, or badly placed seams that irritate or create bulges where there are none!

So, together, we “moaned”, made the list of what bothered us, and most importantly, a list of pros that would make the perfect fitness bra.

Here it is:

  • Bra cups that showcase
  • Shells that do not deform when washed
  • Shells that will not disappear in the washing machine
  • A top that supports well during intense activities if necessary
  • A fashionable top in modern colors or designs
  • Colors and materials that are wash resistant (in cold water of course and not in a tumble dryer!)
  • A bra that adapts for yoga, stretching, and other tai chi movements

In short, the list seemed long, but we managed to find the perfect product!

Go and discover our fitness and yoga collections on Lili Warrior!

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