Finding Your True Balance: Softness & Strength, Cocooning & Conquering

What is the secret to finding true balance and harmony?

Have you ever noticed that at the heart of all things balanced, lies two extremes?

Have you ever experienced the surge of productivity that comes after granting yourself enough “downtime”?
The flow of love and giving that rushes forth after setting healthy boundaries in a relationship?
Or even something as simple as the recommitment to your morning jog after getting a few good nights of much-needed sleep?

When we break it down — ironic as it sounds — the bedrock of harmony is actually made up of polar opposites!

We tend to think of ourselves in absolute terms, and with social media always just a tap away, we often look at others’ lives and assume that they’ve somehow found that perfect “balance” or “harmony” we’re craving. We think we’re simply missing “the piece” to that elusive inner peace. Not true!

At Lili Warrior, we know that balance is made up of opposing forces.

We know that to be healthy humans, we need all of our wild extremes. That the “secret” to a beautiful life is in honoring the changing waves of our mind, body and spirit.

There are days we need to get cozy and cocoon indoors — because therein lies our power to getting outdoors and conquering.

There are seasons we’re fiercely fired up about a cause — because the softest parts of us know that taking a firm stand is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves and for the universe.

Softness & strength, cocooning & conquering — these are some of the themes on our mind this month. And at Lili Warrior, we keep making outfits to help you literally get into these feel-good ways of being.

Lately, I’ve been channeling the harmony of my own dichotomies with our Gold Summer collection.

If I wake up feeling like I need to take it slow, I make this beautiful white and gold leggings & bra set my outfit for the day, and I head out looking nothing like I plan to exercise 😉.

But I know that at a moment’s notice — whenever I’m ready for it — I can transform into wild leopard mode and go for a serious sprint to get some serotonin flowing.

It’s truly an outfit designed to hold all of you, in all your beautiful and varying modes.

It’s harmony and balance…from the inside out!

Browse our collections, and you’ll notice that every Lili Warrior piece has been woven with this theme.

Because your inner harmony is our priority.

I know you’ll find your true balance with us.
And if you need a little assistance, our super team is here to help you!

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