Finding Your Edge (in life & in athleisure)

Your edge: that stunning, daunting precipice where you meet yourself in a brand new way, for the very first time.

As 2021 nears to a close, here at Lili Warrior, we’re musing about finding our edge—in what we do and what we wear—so that when 2022 arrives, we’re already scaling new horizons. Ready to join us?

They call it “finding your edge”, because when we challenge ourselves to move beyond our comfort zones—which is what the practice is all about—it does indeed feel like we’re stepping off the edge of the world. And it’s scary, we know. But hey, we’re Lili Warrior, and that’s exactly what we’re here for :).


Grab a pen and paper, and take a moment to jot down all the lines you’ve marked in the sand of your life: the fences you’ve built to protect your fears; the spaces you’re craving to traverse; the peaks you’re longing to summit. These bordered aspirations lie in all areas of our lives: career, relationships, health & fitness, creative pursuits…the list is endless, so walk in as deeply as you dare.

Then, consider where you might be holding yourself back. Mentally wiggle through some of those fences, and see if you feel a little freer, a little more hopeful, a little more in wonder of what you might become.

In yoga, when we talk about finding your edge, it’s about finding the point of your growth zone. That place where you think you can’t go any further, where you’re sure your body has reached its limit. But with the intention of reaching our most optimal position—be it in a yoga pose, a career decision, or a relationship move that risks opening your fragile heart—the only way to truly know if there’s still growth to be had, is to gently lean in just that tiny bit further and see what happens.

How to get started?

We know it’s difficult to start crawling out of the comfort zones we’ve created. To that end, we’re all about wearing the edge, even if you’re not actually standing there yet. Our Midnight & Twilight athleisure sets are designed with the perfect dose of edginess to at least get you thinking about what you’d like to conquer. If you don’t own one yet, now is the time to get yours, in classic black or warm maroon!

Two other favorite athleisure looks we’re finding pretty edgy are our Cobra Queen and Wild Warrior. There’s something about both these fitness sets that kindle your inner fire, and spark you to start trailblazing!

Speaking of finding your edge, our CEO & Founder, Valerie Orsoni, is currently finding hers at the literal edge of the world—in Antarctica! If anyone inspires us to move beyond our limits, it’s Valerie. Deep into her snowy and stormy adventure to scale Mt. Vinson—befittingly layered with one of our Lili Warrior UNSTOPPABLE eco-friendly t-shirts—Valerie reminds us that it’s not the destination, but the journey, grit and perseverance that we’re really here for.

PS. You can follow her climb and send her love right here, as well as stay updated via her personal blog.

So here we are, stepping off the cliff of 2021, ready to embrace the unknown. One thing we know for sure: the edge keeps changing. So, where you are today might feel like a safe zone tomorrow. But no fear, we plan to keep you dancing with us at the beautiful brink, with every new fitness outfit and mindfulness practice we weave together in the coming seasons.

💌 Team Lili Warrior

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