Behind The Scenes at our photoshoots!

Ever seen photos or stories on our Instagram account @liliwarrioroff and wondered “how does it all happen?” Let’s take you behind the scenes of a typical photoshoot day!

First, our models. We pick models who are all located in the same city—often our LiliWarrior team members, too!—to make the process smoother. Next, we start researching styles to choose poses, locations, and the best times to shoot.

We try to avoid shooting during the harsh midday sun and instead prefer to shoot during the morning and evening, also known as the “golden hour” when everyone looks their best.

Our main focus is on the clothing or product we’re featuring, but we also incorporate past products to show you how to mix and match different pieces.

The essential shots we need include a wide horizontal shot for the homepage of our website, product detail shots, shots of the product in action (both active and static), and vertical and horizontal videos.

We also think about the promotional aspect, including teasers for upcoming products and press kits for journalists.

If a model needs to change outfits, we usually do it in the car or in a private area :). And if sweat, wind or natural elements get to us, we don’t have a professional makeup artist on hand, so we do our best to touch up our own makeup and keep a natural look, which is the LiliWarrior approach.

As for locations, we love shooting at the beach, colorful spots, and neutral outdoor areas.

During a full day of shooting, we can easily take over 1000 photos! Then we have to go through the process of sorting, eliminating the bad ones, and narrowing it down to the best 50 shots.

After that, we work our magic in LightRoom to make sure the colors look perfect and the final result looks as professional as possible.

And voila! You can see all the final shots on our website and on our social media pages, including and Instagram @liliwarrioroff.

Want to know more about LiliWarrior behind the scenes? Let us know!

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