An Emotional Moment: Lili Warrior turns ONE!

The emotions that flood us when we realize that our baby has been around for a full year…no words! Indeed, Lili Warrior, which has been quietly growing for quite some time, was finally born in November 2020. Smack in the middle of a global pandemic.

We took the risk of starting this project without an investor. We ran on pure guts, hope and motivation.

But before launching, we had to give our baby a name. The truth is, that Valérie Orsoni — the force behind Lili Warrior — didn’t have to think too hard for that one. She’s been talking about the “warrior” concept for years and often discusses the beautiful duality that lies at the heart of a true feminine warrior: gentle and fierce at the same time.

One year later, this trademark (registered worldwide) is just as perfect as we hoped, and truly represents the spirit we wanted to instill in our brand and clothing.

Following our baby’s name, came its logo. Naturally we went with the first letters of its double name — L and W — and channeling Valerie Orsoni’s “you are a queen” mantra, we just had to get a crown in. After receiving lots of feedback on our initial logo, we recruited the designer of the Airbnb logo to fine-tune our design and we’re super proud of its fresh, new look! This is also what a first year is for: learning, developing, changing, adjusting. We’ve shown our new logo to many personalities in the fields of e-commerce and press, and we’ve received a 100% unanimous YES! You can now see it featured on our Instagram and Facebook. And big news: we’ve just launched the production of our first collection with this new logo. Wohoo!

After the name and the logo…we needed products!

We spent sleepless nights and 27-hour days, searching, following tracks, bumping into walls, taking risks, breaking out in cold sweats…you name it. Because yes, this is the life of an entrepreneur: it takes a constant fight to keep things running smoothly. To launch with protected pages (?), on a Monday or a Sunday (?), in the evening or morning (?)…so many decisions! And then came a brand ambassador program, our Instagram account and our Facebook page. As you can see, we have certainly not been sitting idle!

One year later, we are truly proud of the progress we’ve made, and of the amazing team working on Lili Warrior projects. Of course, there have been concerns, questions, modifications and adjustments. We learned everything on the job, as did the team. Initially, we didn’t know anything about fashion, manufacturing processes, transport by air/train/boat, etc., so as you can imagine, it wasn’t all smooth sailing! But thanks to some fantastic and motivated people, we were able to successfully navigate the shark-infested waters of the business world.

And of course, in true Lili Warrior spirit, we like to say that the twists and turns have truly allowed us to grow and improve, one day at a time.

And to you, our Lili Warrior lovers and shoppers: the welcome you gave us was fantastic! Your constant feedback allowed us to further develop, to question ourselves, to aim higher, and even to start all over again when a design didn’t seem to work just right. Your connection and love for the Lili Warrior brand is truly heartwarming!

So here we go for a second year which promises to be even more exciting…yes, that’s how we warriors roll!

💌 Team Lili Warrior

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