About Lili Warrior
Lili Warrior: by women, for women!

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At Lili Warrior, we love men, but ...

we really wanted to involve more women in the design, sourcing, marketing and manufacturing processes to give them an extra chance to express their talents.

In a nutshell, Lili Warrior is a brand designed to channel the feminine spirit, but if you’re a guy and would love to share your creativity and business acumen with us — welcome aboard!

You’ll notice that rather than describing our team members using the words “woman” or “man”, we use “warrior” 🙂

We practice a respectful approach to all human beings, regardless of age, weight, skin color, culture, gender, or religion.

In creation, research and design, we have five warriors in three different countries; in marketing, four warriors in three different countries; and in social media, one fabulous warrior. On the manufacturing side, we have a team of warriors who receive fair wages (no mining with us!) — whose supervisor, beautifully named Bella, is the first warrior in her family to attend Shanghai University; and in our customer service department, two supermom warriors who work from home while taking care of their families.

Sustainable Corporate Values
  • Ethical manufacturing: fair pay for every employee, no slaves (no Uyghur or other labor camp)
  • Vegan materials: we use recycled synthetic materials
  • Ecological packaging: we use recyclable organic cotton bags
  • Electronic invoicing: invoices are sent by email to save paper and reduce our ecological footprint
  • Cruelty-free products: no animal testing
  • Gender equality: we employ 80% women across workshops, sales, and product design departments
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