50% off Halloween colors at Lili Warrior!

You heard right! To celebrate Halloween, we’re offering you 50% off all our Halloween-colored outfits for this weekend only!

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Halloween colors aren’t just about the dark spooky stuff (black) and pumpkins (orange).  In fact, we’re not sure it’s about either of those things at all, but more about the fall and winter seasons! Orange symbolizes the warmth of autumn and the last of harvest season, while black represents the cold, dark, and long winter.

And yes, we know winter is coming, but we’ve got you covered with outerwear like our Teddy Vegan Puffer, which yes, is 50% off with our Halloween code, and is the perfect touch of warmth for all your workouts this season!

Did you know that immigrants helped popularize Halloween as a holiday in the USA? That’s right! When the Irish fled the potato famine in the 1840s, they brought their Halloween traditions with them, and the celebrations soon spread across the country. So hey, if you’ve got any Irish friends, this is definitely a day to gift them 😉 and say thank you for the party excuse!

At Lili Warrior, we love an excuse to treat you, so we’re making the most of it too ;). Let’s go shopping!

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