3 Good Reasons To Switch to Period Panties

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Period panties or period underwear, have recently taken off on the feminine hygiene market. Do we think this is a product to take on? Our answer is a unanimous YES! Not just for your health or comfort, but also for the planet. We’ve put together a few really good reasons to start using them, coupled with some serious global statistics to give you an idea of how the disappearance of sanitary napkins and tampons could positively reduce our ecological footprint.

3 good reasons to switch to period panties

For your health 🌱

It’s true that sanitary napkins and tampons (not to mention everyday panty liners) are convenient to carry and easy to use. But they are also composed of toxic substances, are polluting and expensive! If you use standard sanitary products, consider the fact that they’re in contact with your vagina and its fragile mucous membranes all day long.

Did you know? We wear various forms of period protection for a whopping 2,250 days of our life: wouldn’t it be better if they were healthier?

Hygienic protectors are made from mostly synthetic materials, and cotton is often bleached with chlorine to appear whiter and purer. Unfortunately, this process generates very toxic residues. These residues are not the only toxins involved: some protective products also contain traces of toxic substances, including residues of pesticides, dioxins, phthalates, etc. Over the long term, these elements can become carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors or even toxic to reproductive function. Finally, scents and other decorations (patterns for example) can increase irritation to intimate areas by causing itching, yeast infection or even repeated vaginal infections.

To save money 💸

Feminine hygiene products are expensive. Fact!

Did you know? In total, a woman spends between approximately $1500 and $2000 for sanitary products over a lifetime.

With that number, it’s certainly worth thinking twice before continuing down the disposable single-use path. Opting for reusable protection is simply a guaranteed money saver. Here are some important points to support your decision:

  • A LiliWarrior Protector period panty or thong will last for approximately 7 years.
  • You will not need to change it several times a day (compared to every 3-6 hours for disposable protection). One for the day and one for the night is sufficient.
  • Our period panty is suitable for all flows: even if your flow changes over the years, your investment remains profitable!
  • LiliWarrior Protector products provide optimal protection. With our ultra-absorbent technology, you can farewell any need for double protection (tampon + sanitary napkin), plus—no more staining and throwing away your pretty everyday panties.
  • Our period panties & thongs are also suitable as a daily panty liner: additional savings!

For the planet 🌍

No plastic applicators, no individual packaging, no boxes or plastic bags…no more over-packaging! That alone is a strong argument :).

But if we add that 1447 sanitary napkins are being used the world over every second, and that it will take between 500 and 800 years for that to decompose…the data is just mind blowing! On an individual level, each of us will throw away approximately 10,000 sanitary napkins or tampons in our lifetime. As you can see, the positive environmental impact in reducing disposable sanitary protection is potentially enormous!

With period panties, you keep your protection on all day long: LiliWarrior Protector panties and thongs have an average daily use of 8 to 12 hours, and a total lifespan of approximately 7 years. Plus, to top off our love for the planet, we’ll have them delivered to you in a pretty organic cotton tote bag.

So yes, switching to period panties means you significantly reduce your personal waste and how you impact our planet!

💌 Team LiliWarrior

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